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31 SOG
28 SOG
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1st 00:25MTLHitHal Gill hit Jonathan Cheechoo
1st 00:36OTTHitJarkko Ruutu hit Travis Moen
1st 01:13OTTHitMike Fisher hit Mike Cammalleri
1st 01:39OTTShotChris Phillips Wrist Shot
1st 01:47OTTShotMatt Carkner Wrist Shot
1st 03:12OTTHitChris Campoli hit Matt D'Agostini
1st 03:30OTTShotChris Campoli Wrist Shot
1st 04:27OTTShotMatt Carkner Wrist Shot
1st 04:44MTLShotTomas Plekanec Wrap-around
1st 04:59MTLGoalMike Cammalleri (18) Wrist Shot, assists: Andrei Kostitsyn (13), Andrei Markov (4)
1st 05:03OTTShotRyan Shannon Wrist Shot
1st 05:19OTTHitMike Fisher hit Andrei Kostitsyn
1st 05:34OTTHitAlex Kovalev hit Andrei Kostitsyn
1st 05:50MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Wrist Shot
1st 06:31OTTHitChris Neil hit Andrei Markov
1st 06:52MTLHitSergei Kostitsyn hit Matt Carkner
1st 08:12OTTShotChris Kelly Wrist Shot
1st 08:35MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Alex Kovalev
1st 08:52OTTShotAlex Kovalev Snap Shot
1st 09:03MTLShotBrian Gionta Slap Shot
1st 09:33MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Snap Shot
1st 09:42OTTHitAlexandre Picard hit Scott Gomez
1st 09:50MTLGoalBenoit Pouliot (3) Wrist Shot, assists: Brian Gionta (6), Scott Gomez (18)
1st 10:18OTTHitJesse Winchester hit Matt D'Agostini
1st 10:31OTTHitAnton Volchenkov hit Matt D'Agostini
1st 11:03OTTShotChris Campoli Slap Shot
1st 11:23OTTHitRyan Shannon hit Tomas Plekanec
1st 12:47OTTShotChris Campoli Slap Shot
1st 12:48OTTGoalPeter Regin (4) Wrist Shot, assists: Chris Neil (2), Chris Campoli (8)
1st 12:59MTLShotSergei Kostitsyn Wrist Shot
1st 13:02MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit Jesse Winchester
1st 13:27OTTShotJesse Winchester Wrist Shot
1st 14:12OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Josh Gorges
1st 14:37OTTHitChris Campoli hit Tomas Plekanec
1st 14:44OTTHitChris Kelly hit Andrei Markov
1st 15:35MTLShotBrian Gionta Wrist Shot
1st 15:44MTLShotBrian Gionta Wrist Shot
1st 18:15MTLShotBrian Gionta Wrist Shot
1st 18:28MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Tip-In
1st 18:37MTLShotScott Gomez Snap Shot
1st 18:42MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Wrist Shot
1st 19:00MTLPenaltyAndrei Markov Interference against Chris Neil
1st 19:10OTTShotMike Fisher Wrist Shot
1st 19:52MTLHitTravis Moen hit Filip Kuba
2nd 00:24MTLHitJosh Gorges hit Jonathan Cheechoo
2nd 01:01MTLShotSergei Kostitsyn Backhand
2nd 01:03MTLShotScott Gomez Wrist Shot
2nd 03:08MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit Alexandre Picard
2nd 03:24MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit Jesse Winchester
2nd 04:11MTLShotMax Pacioretty Wrist Shot
2nd 04:29OTTShotChris Kelly Wrist Shot
2nd 04:40OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Wrist Shot
2nd 06:19OTTShotAnton Volchenkov Wrist Shot
2nd 06:40MTLShotBenoit Pouliot Wrist Shot
2nd 07:09OTTShotMatt Carkner Wrist Shot
2nd 07:38MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Anton Volchenkov
2nd 07:47MTLHitHal Gill hit Peter Regin
2nd 08:17OTTHitChris Neil hit Hal Gill
2nd 09:01MTLPenaltyJaroslav Spacek Hi-sticking against Chris Neil
2nd 09:33OTTHitChris Campoli hit Hal Gill
2nd 11:14OTTHitChris Phillips hit Scott Gomez
2nd 11:37OTTHitAnton Volchenkov hit Scott Gomez
2nd 11:50MTLShotMarc-Andre Bergeron Slap Shot
2nd 12:04OTTShotJarkko Ruutu Wrist Shot
2nd 12:55OTTShotPeter Regin Tip-In
2nd 13:08OTTHitChris Kelly hit Max Pacioretty
2nd 13:18MTLShotTravis Moen Slap Shot
2nd 13:56OTTHitMike Fisher hit Benoit Pouliot
2nd 14:00OTTHitAlexandre Picard hit Benoit Pouliot
2nd 14:02OTTHitAlexandre Picard hit Benoit Pouliot
2nd 14:17MTLShotJosh Gorges Slap Shot
2nd 14:39MTLShotJaroslav Spacek Slap Shot
2nd 14:50MTLHitBenoit Pouliot hit Mike Fisher
2nd 15:26MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit Chris Kelly
2nd 15:28MTLPenaltyJaroslav Spacek Tripping against Jonathan Cheechoo
2nd 15:33OTTGoalRyan Shannon (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Peter Regin (7)
2nd 16:11OTTShotRyan Shannon Tip-In
2nd 16:40MTLHitMarc-Andre Bergeron hit Jesse Winchester
2nd 16:49OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Ryan O'Byrne
2nd 17:21MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit Matt Carkner
2nd 17:46MTLPenaltyBrian Gionta Tripping against Mike Fisher
2nd 18:18OTTShotPeter Regin Snap Shot
2nd 19:21MTLHitAndrei Markov hit Alex Kovalev
2nd 19:35OTTGoalMike Fisher (16) Slap Shot, assists: none
2nd 19:48MTLHitScott Gomez hit Mike Fisher
3rd 00:20MTLHitMax Pacioretty hit Alexandre Picard
3rd 00:48MTLShotMike Cammalleri Wrist Shot
3rd 00:57MTLShotTomas Plekanec Snap Shot
3rd 01:13MTLShotAndrei Kostitsyn Wrist Shot
3rd 01:35OTTShotAlex Kovalev Wrist Shot
3rd 01:39MTLPenaltyAndrei Markov Tripping against Alex Kovalev
3rd 01:46OTTShotAlex Kovalev Slap Shot
3rd 01:56MTLShotTomas Plekanec Wrist Shot
3rd 03:19MTLHitJaroslav Spacek hit Milan Michalek
3rd 03:21OTTHitMike Fisher hit Ryan O'Byrne
3rd 03:52OTTHitMike Fisher hit Marc-Andre Bergeron
3rd 03:58MTLShotAndrei Kostitsyn Wrist Shot
3rd 04:37MTLHitAndrei Markov hit Jarkko Ruutu
3rd 04:56OTTShotFilip Kuba Slap Shot
3rd 05:36OTTHitPeter Regin hit Ryan O'Byrne
3rd 06:14OTTShotMike Fisher Wrist Shot
3rd 06:15OTTGoalChris Neil (6) Tip-In, assists: Mike Fisher (14)
3rd 06:40OTTShotPeter Regin Wrist Shot
3rd 07:36OTTHitChris Neil hit Andrei Markov
3rd 08:50MTLShotMatt D'Agostini Wrist Shot
3rd 09:13MTLHitMax Pacioretty hit Jonathan Cheechoo
3rd 09:20OTTShotChris Campoli Slap Shot
3rd 09:34OTTHitJonathan Cheechoo hit Andrei Markov
3rd 10:40MTLHitBrian Gionta hit Mike Fisher
3rd 11:40MTLHitMaxim Lapierre hit Alexandre Picard
3rd 11:44MTLShotRyan O'Byrne Deflected
3rd 13:21MTLShotBrian Gionta Snap Shot
3rd 14:21MTLHitSergei Kostitsyn hit Chris Kelly
3rd 15:49MTLHitAndrei Markov hit Alex Kovalev
3rd 17:03MTLHitSergei Kostitsyn hit Jonathan Cheechoo
3rd 17:58MTLShotMike Cammalleri Wrist Shot
3rd 18:06MTLHitAndrei Kostitsyn hit Chris Phillips
3rd 18:33MTLShotBrian Gionta Slap Shot
3rd 18:39MTLHitBenoit Pouliot hit Chris Campoli
3rd 19:05OTTHitChris Neil hit Andrei Markov
3rd 19:14OTTGoalChris Campoli (2) Wrist Shot, assists: none
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6J. SpacekD0021423:39
13M. CammalleriL1003015:38
14T. PlekanecC0003019:21
15G. MetropolitC00-10010:28
20R. O'ByrneD00-11013:32
21B. GiontaR0106216:34
26J. GorgesD00-11023:19
32T. MoenL0001013:39
36M. D'AgostiniR00-11010:16
40M. LapierreC00-10011:15
46A. KostitsynL0102015:45
47M. BergeronD00-11015:14
57B. PouliotL1006017:32
67M. PaciorettyL00-1109:55
74S. KostitsynL00-12012:38
75H. GillD00-10019:50
79A. MarkovD0110424:25
91S. GomezC0102019:16
41J. Halak2427.88959:39
4C. PhillipsD00-11019:01
9M. MichalekL0020017:34
10S. DonovanR000008:17
12M. FisherC0112019:21
14C. CampoliD1124019:36
17F. KubaD0021023:09
18J. WinchesterC0001010:05
22C. KellyC0002013:50
24A. VolchenkovD00-11018:42
25C. NeilR1121015:54
26R. ShannonR10-13019:33
27A. KovalevR00-13022:47
39M. CarknerD0003017:07
41J. CheechooR0000017:49
43P. ReginC1104017:26
44R. KellerR000006:51
45A. PicardD0000017:30
73J. RuutuL0002015:35
33P. Leclaire2931.93559:53
scoring summary
1st Period
04:59MTL Mike Cammalleri (19) ASST: Andrei Kostitsyn (13), Andrei Markov (4) 1 - 0 MTL
09:50MTL Benoit Pouliot (3) ASST: Brian Gionta (6), Scott Gomez (19) 2 - 0 MTL
12:48OTT Peter Regin (4) ASST: Chris Neil (2), Chris Campoli (8) 2 - 1 MTL
2nd Period
15:33OTT PPG - Ryan Shannon (2) ASST: Peter Regin (7) 2 - 2 Tie
3rd Period
06:15OTT Chris Neil (6) ASST: Mike Fisher (16) 3 - 2 OTT
19:14OTT EN - Chris Campoli (2) ASST: NONE 4 - 2 OTT
penalty summary
1st Period
19:00MTL Andrei Markov  Interference against  Chris Neil
2nd Period
09:01MTL Jaroslav Spacek  Hi-sticking against  Chris Neil
15:28MTL Jaroslav Spacek  Tripping against  Jonathan Cheechoo
17:46MTL Brian Gionta  Tripping against  Mike Fisher
3rd Period
01:39MTL Andrei Markov  Tripping against  Alex Kovalev
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/01/5
Faceoff Wins2740
Blocked Shots1013
Penalty Minutes100