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Michel Therrien
Head Coach
Dan Lacroix
Assistant Coach
Clement Jodoin
Assistant Coach
Jean-Jacques Daigneault
Assistant Coach
Stephane Waite
Goaltending coach
Mario Leblanc
Video Coach
Pierre Allard
Strength & Conditioning coach

Marc Bergevin
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Rick Dudley
Senior vice president, hockey operations
Trevor Timmins
Vice president of player personnel and director of Amateur Scouting
Larry Carrière
Assistant General Manager
Scott Mellanby
Assistant General Manager
John Sedgwick
Director, Legal Affairs

Claudine Crépin
Manager, Team Services and Hockey Administration
Ken Morin
Scouting Coordinator
Alain Gagnon
Team Services Coordinator
Susan Cryans
Executive Assistant to the General Manager

Martin Lapointe
Director of Player Development
Rob Ramage
Player development coach

Pierre Gervais
Head Equipment Manager
Pierre Ouellette
Assistant to the Equipment Manager
Patrick Langlois
Assistant to the Equipment Manager
Richard Généreux
Assistant to the Equipment Manager
Graham Rynbend
Head Athletic Therapist
Nick Addey-Jibb
Athletic Therapist
Vincent Roof-Racine
Assistant Athletic Therapist
Donald Balmforth
Consultant, Physiotherapy
Dave Campbell
Consultant, Ostheopathy
Doug Gibson
Professional Scout - East
Vaughn Karpan
Professional Scout - West
Ethan Moreau
Professional Scout - West
Mark Mowers
Professional Scout - East

Frank Jay
Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting
Shane Churla
Chief Amateur Scout

Donald Audette
Amateur Scout - Quebec/Maritimes
Alvin Backus
Amateur Scout - British Columbia
Elmer Benning
Amateur Scout - Western Canada
Bill Berglund
Amateur Scout - Eastern USA
Serge Boisvert
Amateur Scout - Canada/East
Bobby Kinsella
Amateur Scout - USA
Michael Krupa
Amateur Scout - Cz. Republic / Slovakia
Hannu Laine
Amateur Scout - Finland
  Scott Masters
Amateur Scout - NCAA
Christer Rockstrom
Amateur scout -  Europe
Artem Telepin
Amateur Scout - Russia
Pat Westrum
Amateur Scout - Western Canada

Dominick Saillant
Director of Media Relations
Sylvie Lambert
Administrative Assistant to the VP Communications
Carl Lavigne
Manager, Research and Translation
François Marchand
Communications Manager

Dr. David S. Mulder
Chief Surgeon
Dr. Vincent J. Lacroix
Head Team Physician
Dr. Paul A. Martineau
Head Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Tarek Razek
Assistant to the Chief Surgeon
Dr. Kosar Khwaja
Assistant to the Chief Surgeon
  Dr. Dan Deckelbaum
Assistant to the Chief Surgeon
Dr. Jean-François Desjardins
Dr. John Little
Consultant, Ophthalmology
Dr. Sylvain Guimond
Consultant, Sports Psychology

  Michael Andlauer
Owner and Chairman
  Stephen Ostaszewicz
President and Governor
  Sylvain Lefebvre
Head Coach, Hamilton Bulldogs
  Donald Dufresne
Assistant coach, Hamilton Bulldogs
Stephan Lebeau
Assistant coach, Hamilton Bulldogs
  Vincent Riendeau
Assistant General Manager and Goaltending consultant, Hamilton Bulldogs
  Marco Marciano
Video Coach
  Jon Geller
Athletic Therapist
Patrick Magee
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
  Éric Levesque
Equipment Manager
  Francis St-Pierre
Assistant to Equipment Manager
  Justin Dickie
Communications Coordinator