Habby Birthday Captain!

Tuesday, 01.18.2011 / 12:01 AM ET / News
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Habby Birthday Captain!
MONTREAL -- Exactly 32 years ago today, the Gionta clan was swaddling their new bundle of joy, Brian in blankets at the hospital in Rochester, NY not knowing that their little guy was taking his first breaths on his way to NHL stardom. As the Habs’ birthday boy gets set to blow out the candles today, why not take a minute to see what else has gone down on this date in history.

The Year of the Horse
Horses make great leaders according to the Chinese zodiac. Horse people are extemporaneous and quick-witted. They are quite intelligent and use their practicality to their advantage in their business and personal lives. Their sharpness makes them quick to pick up new skills and are able to handle many tasks at one time.
(SOURCE: http://www.usbridalguide.com/special/chinesehoroscopes/Horse.htm)
With the news breaking last week that Zodiac signs may or may not have changed, we couldn’t decide what traits Gionta really possesses based on the stars. Is he still the same old Capricorn he’s always been, or is it time for Gio to embrace his alleged-Sagittarius-ness at age 32?
Traditional Capricorn Traits
Practical and prudent
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved
(SOURCE: http://www.astrology-online.com/capricrn.htm, )
Traditional Sagittarius traits
Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical
(SOURCE: http://www.astrology-online.com/sagittar.htm)

Shauna Denis is a writer for canadiens.com.

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