On the road with Max Pacioretty

Monday, 14.07.2014 / 3:09 PM canadiens.com

Perhaps the best way to get to know someone is to take a road trip with him. Some conversation, a little music and a long stretch of asphalt can form an enduring bond between travel companions. Settle in and buckle up; we’re hitting the road with Max Pacioretty.

Leaving from Montreal, what would be your destination for a road trip?

New York City. It’s the best city in the world. There’s nothing else to say about that.

Where would you stop along the way?

I don’t think there are too many fun places along the way.

Who would be your co-pilot?

I’d bring along my family. I enjoy being around them.

What vehicle would you use?

It would have to be a Ferrari. I love fast cars. I’d have to have a radar detector on it, though.

What would the theme song on your road trip?

Nothing comes to mind.

What kind of car games would you play?

I like to listen to stand-up comedy to make the drive go by quickly, but I generally don’t play any games on those trips.

Where would you stop to eat along the way?

Wendy’s. During the season, I’m pretty strict about my diet, so I’d indulge in a nice Spicy Chicken sandwich on along the way.

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