Abducted by Aliens – Daniel Briere

Monday, 23.06.2014 / 3:00 PM canadiens.com

Upon his arrival in Montreal, we mentioned to Daniel Briere that not only was he one of the most sought-after players in the hockey world, but that life forms from other galaxies were also starting to take note of his talents. We told the 36-year-old sharpshooter that in 24 hours, aliens were plotting to snatch him away for observation to help them gain an edge in their future faceoffs against evil. We assume Briere believed us, because he answered our questions about his final day on planet Earth:

The last book you’d read:

Something interesting like The Da Vinci Code.

The last movie you’d see:

Good Will Hunting, starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon.

One destination you wish you had visited:

Rome, to visit the Coliseum and the ruins.

The last meal you’d like to eat:

A good Quebec-style shepherd’s pie.

The last song you’d like to hear:

“Closing Time” by Semisonic.

The thing you’d be happiest to never do again:

Give speeches.

The author you’d commission to write your biography:

I’d choose someone who knew me well: one of my best friends, Patrice Belanger.

The one thing you’d take with you:

My cell phone – with a charger – to listen to music and play games.

The gift you’d offer up to your abductors:

The Stanley Cup.

The alien translator you’d use to communicate with your abductors:

Comedian Louis-Jose Houde.

Words of wisdom you’d leave behind for future generations:

“Make the most of every moment you’re alive.”

Good luck Daniel!

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