Super Bowl XLVIII Breakdown

Friday, 31.01.2014 / 11:00 AM

Josh Gorges grew up rooting for Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, while Carey Price, whose wife Angela hails from Kennewick, WA, recently joined the millions of “12th men” in Seattle as a Seahawks fan. With kickoff at MetLife Stadium just a few days away, we asked the pair of Habs football aficionados to break down the Xs, Os and intangibles surrounding the big game and give their predictions about who will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night.


ALLEGIANCE: First of all, Carey is a bandwagon Seahawks fan. I’m a Colts fan but I’m also a big Peyton Manning guy so I’ll be cheering for Denver to win the Super Bowl on Sunday.

QB / OFFENSE: Russell Wilson is more athletic. He’s going to be able to scramble and take broken plays and turn them into something. You’re going to see that Peyton is methodical about everything. He’s going to stand in the pocket and pick the defense apart and read what’s coming. I think they’re going to make a lot of small plays and short drives, they’ll hold the football and keep Seattle’s defense on the field.

I think the reason Denver broke records is they have such a versatile offense. They have four pro bowl receivers. I don’t know if [Knowshon] Moreno is going to play or not, but I think the fact that they can create one-on-one situations with their receivers opens up room for their running game. Then Peyton can use that mind game he plays and hopefully keep Seattle guessing about what he’s going to do.


DEFENSE: I think the Seahawks will be able to give Peyton more problems than any other team he’s faced this year, but I think the fact that Peyton had two weeks to study Seattle and break down what they do and how they play, he’ll be prepared. I do think it’s going to be tough for them to create some offense.


EXTERNAL FACTORS: I’ve got to think the experience of the Broncos is going to pay off. The fact that they have Wes Welker who’s played in those types of games his whole career. I know Peyton has had trouble in those sorts of games, but I don’t think that’s Peyton not playing well, it’s the team in front of him. I think the experience factor will favor Denver. If the weather is ugly and snowing and windy, it’s going to affect the way they throw the ball but I think it will affect Russell Wilson more than Peyton just because I think Peyton will realize the situation and he won’t try to force long plays. They do a lot of good crossing routes and short plays.

SUPER BOWL XLVIII CHAMPION: I want to see Denver win and I think they’re going to.


ALLEGIANCE: I’ve been a Seahawks fan for about three years. I never had a favorite football team and the Seahawks are the only team I have any real ties to. I spend a lot of time in Washington State and all my buddies out there are Seahawks fans and my brother-in-law is a big fan. Angela grew up a Broncos fan, but she’s kind of split on who she’s cheering for this weekend.

QB / OFFENSE: You’ve got to give it to Peyton. He has the proven track record and you can’t bet against that.

EDGE: Broncos

DEFENSE: Seattle’s secondary is the best in the league and with Moreno likely out, that’ll be a big advantage for the Seahawks. If they can shut down Peyton, I think the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl.

EDGE: Seahawks

EXTERNAL FACTORS: I’d give that one a draw. Obviously Peyton has a history of not playing well in cold weather and the Seahawks are used to the coastal weather, so I’m not sure it’s an advantage for either team. I don’t know what the weather is supposed to be like on Sunday, but if it rains, it might favor the Seahawks and if it’s not too cold, I’d give it to the Broncos.

SUPER BOWL XLVIII CHAMPION: I want to see the Seahawks win. I think they can do it if their defense can stop that offense.

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