Facial accoutrements - Brandon Prust

Wednesday, 08.05.2013 / 10:00 AM canadiens.com

The playoffs. Warm weather, killer plays, bitter rivalries and of course, the best beards you’ll see all year. Check out what Brandon Prust had to say on the subject and learn all about his ideal playoff beard.

Who has the best playoff beard in hockey?

Scott Hartnell has a good one. Plus, he’s got red hair so it really stands out.

Who has the best playoff beard in all of sport?

Who’s that basketball player, again? Harden…James Harden. That’s it!

What type of beard would you like to grow?

I’d let it grow as much as humanly possible.

How much time do you believe it will take before you have a playoff beard that's worthy of that name?

Last year, we played for five or six weeks before we were eliminated. My beard got pretty long and thick. I had to shave it all off at the end of the season. I’d say in three or four months, it’ll be pretty good. It’ll take about six months for it to be impressive.

Who do you think will have the best playoff beard?

I think that on this team, I’ll win hands down. I’m just really excited to see if Gio is capable of growing anything but the goatee he’s had on his face for the last 10 years. I’m not sure that Gallagher is capable of growing one. Maybe Chucky can give it a shot.

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