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Talbot, Jean-guy (D) 11 Jul 1932 Cap-de-la-Madeleine, QC, CAN
Tangradi, Eric (L) DET 10 Feb 1989 Philadelphia, PA, USA
Tanguay, Alex (L) COL 21 Nov 1979 Ste-Justine, QC, CAN
Tardif, Marc (L) 12 Jun 1949 Granby, QC, CAN
Teal, Jeffrey (C) 30 May 1960 Rochester, MN, USA
Tessier, Orval (C) 30 Jun 1933 Cornwall, ON, CAN
Theodore, Jose (G) 13 Sep 1976 Laval, QC, CAN
Thibaudeau, Gilles (C) 4 Mar 1963 Montreal, QC, CAN
Thibault, Jocelyn (G) 12 Jan 1975 Montreal, QC, CAN
Thibeault, Lorrain (L) 2 Oct 1918 Charletone, ON, CAN
Thomas, Christian (L) MTL 26 May 1992 Toronto, ON, CAN
Thomas, Robert (G) 9 Oct 1947 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Thomson, Rhys (D) 9 Aug 1918 Toronto, ON, CAN
Thornton, Scott (L) 9 Jan 1971 London, ON, CAN
Tinordi, Jarred (D) MTL 20 Feb 1992 Burnsville, MN, USA
Tokarski, Dustin (G) MTL 16 Sep 1989 Watson, SK, CAN
Trader, Larry (D) 7 Jul 1963 Barry's Bay, ON, CAN
Traverse, Patrick (D) 14 Mar 1974 Montreal, QC, CAN
Tremblay, Gilles (L) 17 Dec 1938 Montmorency, QC, CAN
Tremblay, Jean (D) 22 Jan 1939 Port Alfred, QC, CAN
Tremblay, Marcel (R) 4 Jul 1915 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Tremblay, Mario (R) 2 Sep 1956 Alma, QC, CAN
Tremblay, Nils (C) 26 Jul 1923 Matane, QC, CAN
Trotter, Brock (L) 16 Jan 1987 Brandon, MB, CAN
Trudel, Lou (L) 21 Jul 1912 Salem, MA, USA
Tucker, Darcy (R) 15 Mar 1975 Castor, AB, CAN
Tudin, Connie (C) 21 Sep 1917 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Tugnutt, Ron (G) 22 Oct 1967 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Turcotte, Alfie (C) 5 Jan 1965 Gary, IN, USA
Turgeon, Pierre (C) 28 Aug 1969 Rouyn, QC, CAN
Turgeon, Sylvain (L) 17 Jan 1965 Noranda, QC, CAN
Turnbull, Perry (C) 9 Mar 1959 Bentley, AB, CAN
Turner, Bob (D) 31 Jan 1934 Regina, SK, CAN
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