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Lissa Albert (October 30, 2011)

Sunday, 10.30.2011 / 12:01 AM ET
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Social Media Fan of the Day - October 2011

Age: 49
Twitter Handle: @lissa77                  

How do you show your passion for the Canadiens through social media?

I had left Twitter for a while until last year when I spent my freshman year as a true (knowledgeable) Habs fan on Twitter. Suddenly, I was meeting and making new friends, learning more about the game and all it entails aside from "Go Habs Go!" and the scoreboard. I actually began blogging about hockey, and recently won tickets in the reds to see the Habs vs. Bruins in pre-season play, based on a winning blog entry about that rivalry (found here). I am now considering a new, Habs-related blog, to exercise and express my newfound understanding of hockey. People on Facebook and Twitter know that during the season, they will be treated to my constant Habs-loving supportive posts, defending my team no matter what, and celebrating every triumph.