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Courtney Craswell (Sept. 2, 2011)

Friday, 09.2.2011 / 12:01 AM ET
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Social Media of the Day - September 2011

Age: 18
Twitter Handle: @courtcraz13

How do you show your passion for the Canadiens through social media?

My name is Courtney, and I am addicted to social media. I tweet everyday, check for Facebook notifications often, and I currently have accounts with Youtube, Tumblr, Flickr, Picnik, Google, Yahoo, 8tracks, and StumbleUpon.

Yes, I admit I have a problem, however, I have decided that I might as well make the most of my addiction and use all possible mediums to praise the Canadiens, because trust me when I say, I’m even more addicted to the Blue, Blanc et Rouge than anything else. In the past few months, I've been fortunate enough to meet some new Habs fans like myself through Facebook and Twitter. As my number of followers and friends increased, I began to post pictures and videos that I thought they might enjoy: pictures of Easter eggs and jack-o-lanterns (all Habs themed, of course). I posted pictures of myself at live games, and pictures of myself on game days spent at home. I tweeted about the games, I tweeted to the players, and I even shared my game-day rituals with the entire social networking world. I wear my Habs hat to every ball game I play in, I'll never change my lucky phone number that just "happens" to include the numbers of two of my favourite current Habs, and I always pump up my RBK skates 13 times on each side. I am a Canadiens fan and I'll never stop sharing my passion.