POSTED ON Thursday, 09.15.2011 / 10:02 AM ET

10. @smilyhupe  -- When it starts being able to stand on its own.

9. @DTremblay27 -- When your stink lines are longer than the blue lines.

8. @JohnnyBrunswick – When you notice Oscar the Grouch has taken up residence in your left-hand glove.

7. @asthmarugger -- When Health Canada declares your locker room a hazardous waste dump.

6. @DTremblay27 -- When you’re the only guy from either team that’s going into the corners.

5. @Jay9199 -- When you walk into the locker room and see someone’s left a 6-pack of Febreeze in your stall.

4. @Arkvaender -- When your Habs jersey starts to look like a Bruins jersey.

3. @Marcoricco – When you start to see Youppi hair sprouting out of your equipment.

2. @zackelkaim -- When the flies flying around your gear are finally gone…but only because they're on the floor, dead from the stench.

1. @Sarkastik13 – When you notice your teammates have resorted to using their own jockstraps as surgical masks to hide the smell.

POSTED ON Thursday, 09.8.2011 / 9:50 AM ET

10. @Stacyohms -- You chest bump your TV.

9. @mitchrobs17 -- Your teammates start trying to keep you from scoring.

8. @gunnerismyhero -- Your team gets scored on three times before you've finished.

7. @SirGaryThomas -- You see it featured in Hockey Players Gone Wild: Too Extreme For TV.

6. @gingras_js -- You get invited to discuss it live on your local TV news.

5. @DrakeMT -- You do the "shoot the glove" celebration, but with an actual gun.

4. @Dan_Hogg -- Ochocinco sees it and says "I should have thought of that one!"

3. @gpl_03 -- You pull a Jimi Hendrix and light your stick on fire, causing the ice to melt, suspending play.

2. @HabsLaughs -- You find yourself in the platinum seats surrounded by fans and shattered glass.

1. @zackelkaim -- You get kicked off the ice by Britney Spears because she's performing in an hour.

POSTED ON Friday, 09.2.2011 / 10:39 AM ET

10. @jlothian01 You have two kids waving flags as you run into the office every morning.

9. @hammerinhank89 You find yourself sitting on the dock wearing boots, waiting for the pond to freeze.

8. @calnewfie Your wife can’t watch her TV shows because you’ve subscribed to NHL Center Ice and blocked all other channels.

7. @wrightap  You hire a PA announcer to call your family to the dinner table in two languages while you all say: “Je suis Canadien”.

6. @CrossOverDangle Your boss calls you into his office to yell at you, so you face-wash him and pull his shirt over his head.

5. @jspoupart When you fall off your bike, you tell the trainer to stitch you up and send you back in.

4. @runway29  You take a drink at your desk and spit some on the floor.

3. @Stacyohms You start putting up boards around your swimming pool.

2. @puckinghostile  Every time you take a cup out of the dishwasher you hoist it over your head.

1. @JamesODolan You see a guy from accounting crossing the office with his head down so you lay him out!